A contestant is allowed to submit the same idea to different tracks by making parametric changes to stay within the hardware budget. 

Furthermore, a contestant is also allowed to have multiple submissions to the same track, however, these submissions must be different ideas (or a different combination of the ideas).   Simply changing the parameters of your predictor (say 2x history length and 0.5x the table entries) and submitting it as a different entry within the same track is discouraged.

Submission Instructions:

Each submission should include an abstract, writeup, and predictor code. 

To submit your entry, you will first need to create a tarball named after the first author, using the following instructions. 

1. Create a directory with the full name of the first author (say John Smith) and CBP subdirectories:

mkdir JohnSmith
cd JohnSmith
mkdir cbp8KB
mkdir cbp64KB
mkdir cbpUnlimited

2. Copy your predictor.h and predictor.cc to the appropriate cbp directory.  For example, to submit to the 8KB track, you would have cbp8KB/predictor.h and cbp8KB/predictor.cc

You are allowed to submit to multiple track within the same tarball.  For example to submit to the 64KB category also, you would take the 64KB predictor and copy it to cbp64KB directory as  cbp64KB/predictor.h and cbp64KB/predictor.cc 

3. Copy your writeup as paper.pdf within the JohnSmith directory.  The paper must be written in conference format (double column, 10 point font) with a limit of 4-pages.  The paper should clearly describe the organization of the predictor, the working of the predictor, and computation of the storage budget.  Please mention the key evaluation result (the Average MPKI obtained by your predictor over the 223 traces) in the abstract.

4. Create a text file called README.txt within the JohnSmith directory with the following information:

    1. Contact author name, institution and email address.
    2. Any conflicts authors have with PC members (Trevor Mudge, Stuart Biles, Rami Sheikh, Ronald Dreslinkski, Nam Sung Kim, Moinuddin Qureshi, Murali M. Annavaram, Lieven Eeckhout, Jared Start, Pierre Michaud, or Sergio Schuler).
    3. Which track(s) your submission is targeting.

5. Type "ls"  (It should now give you the following)





6. Create the zipped tarball, using the following commands:

cd ..
tar -cvf JohnSmith.tar   JohnSmith/
gzip JohnSmith.tar.gz

7. To submit your entry, send an email to cbp2016submit@gmail.com with the following:

Author Names (in the order)
Tarball (AuthorName.tar.gz)

The deadline for submission is May 6th, 2016 11:59 PM CST.

Handling multiple submissions from the same author:

If you want to make multiple submissions to the same track, you must send a separate email for each entry (along with its own tarball).

In case you are making multiple submissions, with the same first author, then add a number to the name of the tarball. For example, JohnSmith1.tar.gz , JohnSmith2.tar.gz, JohnSmith3.tar.gz, etc.